Ask A Vendor: Heidi Melton of ONBB

Today we're chatting with Heidi Melton, the dynamic force behind ONBB, an app dedicated to wedding resale. Because what are you going to do with those 200 faux succulent centerpieces after the wedding is over, anyway? 

Keep reading to learn more about Heidi's background in planning events and weddings and how the idea to launch ONBB initially came to her below! 

Q: What is your background in wedding planning and events?

After graduating from Purdue University, I moved down to Indianapolis in 2013 and accepted a position as a full-time Event Planner and Catering Sales manager, where I average 130 events a year and 27 weddings a year. In 2018, I will be executing 34 weddings! This is where you’ll find me having the most fun. I love everything about weddings! From the late-night glow of the dance floor to the clinking of champagne flutes celebrating the bride and groom – I love it all!

Q: What inspired you to launch ONBB?

A: I work with so many couples each year, assisting and planning their wedding day, and I hear the same questions over and over again: “Where can I buy this more affordably?” and “What do I do with all this stuff after the wedding day?” It wasn’t until one of my clients two years ago purchased 300 glass charger plates, and had a really rough time selling them after the wedding, that I knew there was a need for a platform for wedding resale.

I have always wanted to start my own business, so I started to research where people were shopping. I learned that most people are buying from their mobile devices than they are from a brick-and-mortar. So I decided all of the resale exchange would take place through an app. ONBB would still have a website and social platforms for communicating our business model and connecting couples to one another, but all of the actual buying and selling would take place through the app. The ONBB Wedding mobile app was launched on March 24, 2018 for the iPhone App Store. We have plans in place for an Android app to be launched later this year or the first of 2019. For updates about the app and other fun news with ONBB, sign up for our newsletter at

Ask A Vendor: Heidi Melton of ONBB

Q: Give us a peek into what a day in the life of running ONBB and planning weddings and events looks like! Are you going to meetings and consultations, working with clients and marketing the app?

During the day I work with my clients on their events and planning their weddings. You may see me visiting the venues or pulling sample linens; from sitting down at planning meetings with my couples to executing the actual events. Every day is different when it comes to the event and wedding planning side.

At night, I am working on total concepts for marketing, writing blogs, meeting with other wedding industry leaders, discussing development plans with my development team, and making sure from an overall scope that I am reaching our company goals. As a business owner for a start-up, I wear many hats. I am the marketing manager, the social media director, the salesperson and the visionary.

Q: When it comes to reselling wedding decor and goods, we know that past brides want to get the most bang for their buck. Why is ONBB a go-to resale resource for past brides and brides-to-be?

There are a lot of other apps and websites that offer the ability to buy and sell your stuff. ONBB Wedding is the first and only app that is strictly for wedding resale. We have always had one thing in mind, our wedding couples. Whether they're selling or buying, we always want newlyweds to have a safe, fast and fun experience when selling their wedding items. For the newly-engaged, they’re protected in their purchases with our buyers’ guarantee, and offering a one stop-shop to find designer brands at discount prices.

With all couples in mind, ONBB makes shipping easy. We send sellers prepaid shipping labels for all of their sales and instant tracking information to our buyers, giving everyone the best wedding selling and buying experience online.

Q: What are your top tips for being a successful seller in a marketplace app like ONBB?

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Think about it: if you go into a restaurant and the picture of the salad looks wilty and dull, would you really want to eat that salad? No! You want to eat something colorful, crisp and tasty-looking! This works the same way when selling anything. If the photo looks dark and dingy, why would the buyer want to buy the items?! They wouldn’t. We actually worked with a professional wedding photographer to help us give the top 5 tips on photographing your items like a pro. You can check it out here: How To: Take Photos Like a Pro.

Q: For other founders who may be juggling multiple roles and businesses, what is your best advice for managing it all?

A: Time management is key when juggling multiple roles and businesses. You can make money and products, but you can’t make time. Time is the one thing you should become the absolute master of. I work with an app called Asana to manage my projects, calendar, chat with others working on the projects, and even keep digital journaling notes for future projects. This helps me manage my time effectively.

We all fall short on tasks, including our schedules, and the best advice I have to give is there’s always tomorrow. Don’t let yesterday affect your tomorrow. Why look back, when you’re not going there anyways?

Love ONBB's mission and want to try it out for yourself? Download the iPhone app in the App Store and keep up with Heidi and ONBB on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram at @onbbweddings!