Thinking About Eloping? Read This First.

Ah, the art of the perfect, intimate elopement. What used to be taboo has now become a desirable alternative to the traditional wedding celebration. Thinking about ditching tradition and eloping with your significant other? Good for you! Before you get to planning, though, here are a few things to consider:


Will you be OK with excluding certain (or all!) family members?

We've seen elopements that consisted of only the couple, an officiant and a witness, and we've also seen elopement ceremonies that include an intimate group of close friends and family bearing witness to the union. Before diving into elopement mode, check in with your gut and make sure that you'll be 100% OK with celebrating your big day without every aunt, uncle, and second cousin twice removed in tow. Still feeling alright? Great – now, keep reading!


Have you dreamed of a big wedding forever...or nah?

Chances are, if you aren't the type of bride that's dreamed of your wedding probably won't start dreaming of a big, elaborate celebration now. If you don't really care about a big ceremony, considering the elopement route may be the way to go. Even without the hours-long ordeal, we can guarantee that you'll have amazing memories to cherish for years to come. 


You want an incredible honeymoon – or a house.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the budget conversation is never the most comfortable talk to have (hellooo, money can make us feel weird). If having a full-out, all-inclusive honeymoon is higher in importance than your wedding day, or if you have your sights set on a big future investment – like buying a house or starting a family (babies are expensive AF) – skipping the big wedding and eloping may be your best bet.


Wedding TipsLindsay Scholz